X- Lorier: How a Microbrand is Rupturing the Industry

X- Lorier: How a Microbrand is Rupturing the Industry

In a world where watches seem to be getting increasingly more expensive and harder to purchase, it is very difficult for people to get involved with the hobby that is Horology. As prices sky-rocket and inflation hits new highs, more and more people are understandably shying away from spending any sort of money on watches. However, not all hope is lost. Within recent years, microbrands have appeared on the watch market seemingly out of nowhere and are presenting great price propositions while also producing great quality watches.

If you are a watch enthusiast, it’s very likely that you have heard about the “drought” of Rolex watches and the many hoops needed to jump in order to get your hands on a timepiece. Similarly, it is not unusual to hear about the eight-year-long Patek Philippe waitlist, which can be a daunting task for a watch collector purchasing their grail watch. Whether it be a marketing ploy to create demand by producing fewer pieces a year or simply just not being able to keep up with demand, situations like these can take away the pleasure of collecting watches all together since someone would have to pay a hefty premium to buy watches in an overpriced gray market. This is where the potential for brands like the microbrand Lorier shines the most; it has the ability to generate profit while also providing the quality, reasonable pricing, and original designs that watch enthusiasts strive to obtain.

Microbrands such as Lorier have gathered a very sizable following in recent years by providing vintage-inspired watches at reasonable prices. Affordability is one of the biggest ways the company has garnered its success, but it’s worthwhile to mention many other qualities that not only make Lorier standout but also show the incredible potential that microbrands bring into the hobby. One of these reasons is the fact that the brand has well-made designs that take tasteful inspiration from iconic timepieces while still incorporating their own signature touch bringing out a new interpretation of classic vintage designs. This allows Lorier to move away from the trap that some microbrands set where they market watches that seem to have original designs to beginners but turn out to be blatant copies from major brands.

Another factor that makes microbrands stand out is the level playing field when it comes to purchasing a timepiece. While bigger brands such as Rolex, Patek Philippe, and Audemars Piguet often require consumers to join waitlists that are sometimes only available to those with VIP customer status, Lorier gives everyone a fair shot at acquiring their products. While this does not erase the fact that some will inevitably miss out on a batch of newly-released watches, it does mean that just because someone has spent X amount of money, they won’t have an advantage over others. While prioritizing consumers that spend more money is a logical and reasonable decision, there is also a point to be made that this process allows more people to get their hands “dirty” in watch collecting and — who knows? — maybe give them inspiration to create the next Patek Philippe.

Furthermore, Lorier has an edge that some juggernauts of the industry may not have: community involvement. By staying in constant touch with their community via social media and newsletters, not only is Lorier creating a dedicated consumer base, but they are also taking feedback from the public. This comes in handy at times, especially when watches are in their developmental phases. More specifically, this can be seen in their new and improved lines of watches. By taking user feedback, Lorier is on track for releasing thinner versions of their watches with updated dials and improved movements. Communication and engagement with the public is also an easy and accessible way to put out updates with information about watch production and releases to keep their fans excited and invested in the future.

Another thing contributing to the rise of microbrands is pricing. With each passing day, it seems like watches are getting exponentially more expensive. Some watches are being sold for double their worth and gray market scalpers are taking more advantage of buyers than ever. Pricing can be a huge setback for watch buyers in any tax bracket and by outsourcing their work and collaborating with reliable and robust movements, Lorier is able to considerably reduce the costs of production. This makes their watches even more accessible to anyone looking to get their feet wet in the hobby.

In a world where it's becoming more challenging to be a watch collector, microbrands like Lorier give us a breath of fresh air. While there are many qualities that make iconic brands like Rolex and Patek Phillipe special, microbrands give way for new watch enthusiasts to get a taste for fine horology without breaking the bank or getting the stink eye from veterans. As time goes on, the watch community will become more familiar with microbrands such as Lorier, giving them the potential of becoming the classics of the future.

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