Consign Your Watch

We're always looking to buy, trade, or consign a watch that doesn't get the wrist time it deserves!

If you're interested in doing business with us in these regards, fill out the form below and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

 What You Need To Know

We may offer to buy your watch rather than consign it.

We never take a percentage of a sale. Upon a consignment, we will guarantee you a price that you will net upon the sale. In an effort to list your watch in the right price range and increase the possibility of a faster sales process, we will mark up the price above the agreed net price. Ex: Rolex Datejust 1601 valued at $4,500 on our website, we net you $4,000 & we keep the $500.

We cover your watch with our 1-year repair warranty, safe shipment and take full responsibility during the consignment process so it is fully insured while in our possession.

Once your watch is listed on the website, we will promote it and routinely do so. We require to keep your watch for a minimum of sixteen weeks. This sixteen-week possession of your timepiece starts the day of delivery to us. From the time of listing, we ask that no other listing or promotions of the watch for sale exist. This can create negatives for both parties. If not sold in that time, you may ask for it to be pulled and we will ship it back at our expense.

In the digital market, we have a worldwide reach and a very strong social media presence.

We require that all other for-sale listings be removed from the internet when the watch is in our possession.

Upon a sale, we must respect the buyer’s satisfaction with the watch. Expect to be paid 3-4 weeks after the watch has been delivered and assuming the buyer is satisfied.

When filling out the form below, please include any and all information you have on your timepiece.