Those Watch Guys (TWG) provides variety and exceptional service for watch enthusiasts far and wide.

We started the company to celebrate the history, stories, and culture that comes with timepieces.

Are we watch nerds? Absolutely.

Are we young for this industry? You betcha.

But here we are today, a growing company that helps people find joy in collecting and learning about watches.

We’re best known for our variety—we’ll feature a Rolex Oyster next to a quirky alarm watch from the 70’s—but that’s what keeps it fun. You’d easily find everything offered at TWG on our own wrists, so assume our collection is a reflection of our own taste.

We take service very seriously and my hope is to make TWG as friendly as possible. Any question you may have, please ask—we’d be happy to help out. This online space is very important to me and your enjoyment visiting the site is an extension of that. Whether you’re a repeat customer or just like to scroll our sold watches page, I hope you enjoy!


Craig Moore

Craig hails from Ridgewood, New Jersey. He’s a graduate of the Avon Old Farms School where his passion for watches first started.

He first discovered modern watches, but quickly realized his true love was in vintage. Craig attended Loyola University Maryland in Baltimore where he devoted his years building TWG before moving back north,

Craig can commonly be found on the golf course, some would argue too much.