Moss Green Saffiano

Sale price$45.00
Size: 18mm

Buy two straps and get the third free.

Our Opinion: The strap game is a complicated one that has mirrored the success of vintage watches rise of popularity over the last decade. Having a variety of strap options to compliment your collection of timepieces is a great way to get a fresh new look. But, finding quality straps at a fair price point has been a struggle for many for far too long. Some sellers will be asking a ridiculous amount for a strap that costs less than a casual lunch to have made (we’re not kidding, it’s shocking). Like watches, knowing exactly what you’re buying is essential for a confident purchase.

We’re delighted to be offering a line of new Calf Skin straps handmade in Italy. We’ve partnered with a fantastic factory that has been owned by the same family for generations and has been delivering OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) straps to some of the best watch sellers in Europe including Omega, Christie’s Auction House, Sotheby’s Watches Auction, and much more.

We have three options for Suede, three options for Saffiano, and five options for Pebbled. All with their own unique hand-stitching & TWGs logo stamped on the underside. Quality is essential and we couldn’t more excited to finally make these available for you at a reasonable price point.

Material: Italian Calfskin

Moss Green: The distinctive markings on this leather are a series of diagonal lines and cross-hatch designs that render the leather very resistant to scratches, stains and is also very water repellent. Many high-end fashion houses use Saffiano leather for its many positive attributes. The indications in the Saffiano leather were invented by Mario Prada. You can find many luxury brands still using this leather today for their handbags or wallets. We’ve long been fans of a darker green color on our military & patina’d dial watches to really bring out that rugged look. We love this color this jumbo Tissot with the perfect amount of warm dial patina.

Length: 115mm x 75mm (regular)

Thickness: 2.5mm

Widths: Lug Width: 20mm; Buckle Width: 16mm; Taper Width: 16mm
Lug Width: 18mm; Buckle Width: 16mm; Taper Width: 16mm

Type: Leather two-piece

*Note* Because all of our straps are made by hand please allow some slight differences from the pictures provided.